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Events and meetings

The hotel has 5 rooms to organize all kinds of events (meetings, anniversaries, etc.) plus 2 party rooms to organize weddings and communions. Each room can be adapted to the type of organization needed for each event, as well as having extra material or services to rent the room. Requests can be made using the contact form.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room of our complex of hotels in Costa Brava offers 37 m², ideal for little business events with every type of equipment and natural light. It has a maximum capacity of 15 persons in the imperial table setup.

  • Classroom15 people

Green Room

The Green Room offers 53 m² for business events, weddings and banquets in Lloret de Mar. With a capacity for maximum 50 persons, it is ideal for private and family events.

  • Cocktail 50 people
  • Meeting 45 people
  • Imperial 20 people
  • Banquet 25 people
  • Classroom 30 people
  • U-shape 20 people
  • Conference 40 people

Training Room

The Training Room is a space specially designed for business events. It features 37 m² and allows the celebration of cocktails for 30 persons, conferences of 20 and training for 15 guests.

  • Cocktail 45 people
  • Meeting 40 people
  • Imperial 20 people
  • Classroom 25 people
  • U-shape 20 people
  • Conference 35 people

Costa Brava

Comfortable and functional, the Costa Brava Room of our complex has 65 m² is ideal for business events. Its capacity is for 75 persons (cocktail and conference) and 50 (meeting).

  • Cocktail 75 people.
  • Meeting 50 people.
  • Imperial 25 people.
  • Classroom 25 people.
  • U-shape 25 people.
  • Conference 50 people.

Gym Master

The Gym Master Room stands out for being located in the Wellness & Spa of our complex. One of most versatile rooms for business events: 150 m² that you can transform into a training setup, meeting room, conference room...

  • Cocktail 150 people
  • Meeting 95 people
  • Imperial 70 people
  • Classroom 150 people
  • U-shape 70 people
  • Conference 150 people

Marina Room

The Marina Room with natural light, a glazed wall with views to the garden of our hotel complex offers you 204 m² perfectly distributed to host every type of events: cocktails with 150 persons, meetings with 190, banquets with 100 guests, U style setup, training, theatre...

It features a bar for coffee breaks.

  • Cocktail 150 people
  • Meeting 190 people
  • Imperial 70 people
  • Banquet 100 people
  • Classroom 150 people
  • U-shape 70 people
  • Conference 160 people

Palas Atenea

Palas Atenea is one the biggest rooms in Lloret de Mar. It offers 414 m² with direct access from outside and inside the Hotel.

4,6 metre high, 2 stages (1 fixed and 1 mobile), dressing room and, from one side, direct access to the parking, to enter the equipment easily. Equipped to host every type of event, party with orchestra and congress.

With some panels we can divide the room into 2 spaces, one of 160 m² and the other of 235 m², to adapt it to different settings according to the needs of our guests. It features a bar for coffee breaks.

  • Cocktail 420 people
  • Meeting 125 people
  • Imperial 100 people
  • Banquet 320 people
  • Classroom 325 people
  • U-shape 100 people
  • Conference 450 people

Salsa Café

The Salsa Café Room of our complex hosts 500 m² with natural light and a maximum capacity for 300 persons in a cocktail style setup, 225 in banquet setup and 100 in conference setup.
It features a bar for coffee breaks.

  • Cocktail300 people
  • Meeting95 people
  • Imperial 70 people
  • Banquet 225 people
  • Classroom 150 people
  • U-shape 70 people
  • Conference 100 people

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